How you reach them should change too. You can now target HCPs on Social Media, by NPI number.

Introducing The All-in-One Pharma Marketing Platform

The quickest and most precise way of reaching doctors on social media and beyond.



On Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn


High-CTR Branded & Unbranded Ads


Real-Time Dashboard with CRM Integration

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NPI-level Social Media Reach

The only solution that offers HCP-level targeting and reporting on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

101Why Social Media?
Because Doctors are people too!

They spend much more time on social media than on any given medical professional website.

102There is a catch, though ...all social media reporting is anonymous

Even for list-matched campaigns, HCP-level reporting is unavailable to pharma marketers.

103This is where we come in!

By assembling various digital footprints, our proprietary algorithms will let you know exactly which doctors saw and clicked on your ads on Social Networks.

Engaging Content

Engaging doctors is as important as reaching them – we have developed the most performing branded/unbranded infosites and ads.

201Catchy Ads!

Having launched 100+ pharma ad campaigns gives us the benchmarks and experience to design ads that generate highest CTRs.

202Engaging Infosites

Infographics, animations and well-written content give HCPs the best possible user experience, keeping them engaged for longer periods of time.

203Prescribing Intent

All of our infosites are designed and tagged with the goal of measuring HCP'S potential future prescribing behavior.

Real-Time Insights

It's 2021 – why are you still settling for weekly/monthly reporting? Get your data in real time!

301Real-Time Dashboard

Know each doctor's journey from seeing and ad to actions on the website. In real time.

302Behavioral Scoring

Not all HCPs are the same. Real-time scoring allows to measure individual's engagement score and behavior.

303CRM Integration

Real-time salesforce activation and notifications through Veeva (or any other CRM).

Benefits & Results

90% Match Rate

Social Media Targeting

NPI-Level Reach

Engaging Content

MLR-Ready Templates

Behavioral Insights

Real-Time Dashboard

NPI-Level Reporting



Prescription Lift


Targeted HCPs Increased Market Penetration



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