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Healthcare Marketing Platform


Step 1

Upload NPI Lists & Ads

Step 2

Launch Media
on All Channels

Step 3

Get NPI, User-Level
Engagement Data



Audience Builder

Upload your own NPI lists or build custom HCP Audiences by Specialty, Profession, Location and Demographic Data.



Easily activate/onboard your physician audiences on all major Social, Professional and Consumer ad networks in one place.



Launch your creative/assets across all channels simultaneously. Built-in campaign optimization for maximum performance.



Attribute and consolidate all campaign data to individual HCPs and measure their overall engagement score. View data from all channels by Campaign, Audience, Creative and User.



Identify HCPs that visit your websites. NPI identification is available for all traffic: paid, organic, direct and any other source.

Self-Service Features


Campaign Management

Upload & Create Audiences

Upload your own NPI lists or build custom HCP Audiences by Specialty, Profession, Location and Demographic Data.

Manage Creatives

Streamline creatives set-up and management across multiple channels from one interface.

Activate Channels

Onboard audiences on all channels without the hassle of working with separate media platforms

Launch Campaigns

One-click campaign activation across all ad networks and channels.



Campaign-Level Data

A holistic view of all marketing activity across all channels, audiences, creatives and individual HPCs.

Audience-Level Data

Measure how each NPI target list is performing.

Creative-Level Data

Know which ads are most engaging.

Data Export

Download detailed campaign performance data, tailored to pharma marketers.


NPI-Level Data

Impressions, Clicks, Visits

An HCP-level report on engagements across all campaigns, audiences and channels.

Engagement Scoring

Measure and rank each HCPs engagement across your campaigns.

CRM Integration

Send individual-level activity to your CRM or other next-best-action platform.


On-Site HCP Identification

Identification Module

Identify HCPs that visit your websites by NPI number, no matter where they come from.

Website Behavior

Track individual HCP behavior on-site and score their actions.

Google Analytics Integration

Connect NPI-level data with your Google Analytics account to attribute specific visitors to HCP profiles.



Over 20 Channels

Social Media and Non-Medical Networks have a great volume of engaged users (including HCPs), but NPI-level targeting and reporting is NOT available (thus, not pharma-friendly).

Treating HCPs as consumers is the answer!


Data Graph


Professional Data Is Not Enough

Even the most “data rich” HCP marketer is looking through a narrow keyhole. Doctors are people too and have a “consumer” persona.


Personal Data Graph

The most comprehensive HCP-to-Consumer Identity Map

  • 90% of all NPIs Matched
  • 4.2 Million Records
  • 1:1 Deterministic Match


Having Professional, Personal and Household level data allows us to “talk to” and match doctors to their consumer personas on ad networks and channels.


Data Quality

  • Datapoint Verification
  • Cross-Validation
  • Normalization & Scoring

Privacy and CCPA Compliance

All platform features are fully compliant with privacy regulations, including CCPA (and CPRA). Documentation is available for onboarding and legal review.